Rodin and The Aged Who Can’t Behave

Amber and I had a long needed perfect day, almost
This past Saturday
We met and enjoyed a quick subway ride to Seoul

We saw Rodain’s sculpture, and even practiced drawing several pieces
We sat in the very airy
and for-a-change-quiet environment
Of a cafe in Korea,

The one at the Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art
I gave Amber a very extensive head and shoulder massage,
And to my delight, she was delighted by it

Finally, we had a wonderful pasta dinner
In a place that is fast becoming our favorite

But on the way home, exhausted,
We were forced to suffer a scene common
In Korea

An older man, whom we didn’t want to offend, unconsciously insisted on offending us

He insisted on talking to Amber
As she was clearly trying to rest, draw, and talk with me

He stank of alcohol
He continued to orient himself so she was forced to look at him
And he asked, most egregeously about my age

People do not know what kinds of offence they are laying on us
When they force their way into our lives

In Korea, it’s all okay,
Thanks to that abomination of a state religion:

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