Declaration of Intervention

I am from the super power
And the document of flex
Which stirs your heart with writing
On truth and freedom’s quest

I pay the oligarchy
to train their military
Who police the peasantry
For my profitability

They take charge of everything
Deciding what you grow
Dismissing you when you’re not needed
Hunting you if you won’t go

I am from the superpower
With inefficient splendor
Your labor feeds my people
So I’m your biggest lender

I am quite determined
I’ll kill you for your oil
If Uncle Ho’s your Washington
I’ll bomb you where you toil

I’m a bastard son
This land and culture raped
Fathers the moral idiots
The ruling class
And race

Our document’s heart
Is but a front
Righteous words of revolution
We only recall their meaning
If you make the contribution

I am from the superpower
With a deadly constitution
I force it on my neighbor to
Stem his evolution

With Cape on shoulders,
Flag on my chests
With the CIA and AID
The markets I run best

I’ll burn your house
To catch a mouse
Who served as my connection
I invade in dead of night to
Fix a false election

I am from the superpower
Your poor fulfill my dreams
Advisors come a ‘calling
But it’s never what it seems

With cash in hand
And gun in cloak
I offer no confessions

I break the law
And run your land
And you’ll make all concessions

I have the UN sanction
I’m the tail that wags the dog
From the land of glass and metal
Radiation, smog

I’ll protect your kingdom
I’ll send begotten sons
They forget the lesson
The revolution’s done

I am from America
Dropper of the bomb
For lust-cult
And legal tender

I sing an empty song

New York, 1991

Copyright © 2015 Carl Atteniese Jr., AKA ‘Mando’, All rights reserved.

Published by


Dear Visitor: Welcome! Peace, Love, Joy and Enlightenment to You and Yours. The Basics: I author essays, video essays, poems, advice, drawings, photographs, and petitions; I also can do narration and have done stand-up comedy. I taught and tutored English as a Second Language for 15 years in South Korea and for about 3 years in the US. Intellectual Interests: My chief personal interests are in... -Love as a Practice -General Philosophy -Consciousness -Aviation -Spaceflight - especially as an avid advocate of an AG module for deep space missions -Culture -All forms of Art, especially Japanese Woodblock Prints, Conceptual,  Film, Comedy -Language - especially in the use of Standard English and as Usage relates to Cognition, Reason and Peace -Restoring Democracy to the United States via Public Campaign Financing -Saving the Earth's biosphere from Climate Mutation -Human & Species Rights via Personhood -The Immorality of Theism Being: I am a secularist, an ex- and anti- theist (The word 'atheist' is presumptuous, prejudiced, inaccurate, insulting and harmful - like the word 'race'). I am also a non-superstitious Zen Buddhist - "Mando" being listed as my middle-name, is my Dharma Name and as opposed to my legal-name is my True Name. Likes -My favorite podcast is Dr. Sam Harris' #WakingUp . I like it so much I support it. -My favorite Vintage TV Shows are Star Trek, The Dick Van Dyke Show, I Dream of Genie and That Girl. -My favorite TV Current Shows, now, are Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Neil deGrasse Tyson's Cosmos, The Bill Nye Show and Curb Your Enthusiam. My favorite Music is Theme Music, so I love movie soundtracks and mood music, such as that by Kitaro and Vangellis. I also love classic Rock and Blues. I work out to Mission Impossible, Pirates of The Carabean, and Van Halen's Mean Streets. I also love Japanese pop, like that of Puffy's and Keske Kowada. I also love Blues and "Non-Insane" Jazz. Reading: Unfortunately, I have little time for fiction. I mostly read scholars such as Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Dan Dennett, Bart Ehrman and Karen Armstrong as well as referring back to Monks such as Thich Nhat Hanh, Suzuki and the Tao Te Ching. I also read and/or listen to the narrations of Plato on Socrates. I also read a lot of astronaut biographies and about the space agency. Goals: -I love flight sims and plan to get my pilot's license. -If wealthy, healthy and "asset" enough, I will hire a space agency to train me and launch me in orbit and beyond. -I intend to publish several books. -I intend to have gallery shows. -I may need a PhD to talk to some of the people I want to talk to in public forum and influential way. -I want to see Private Campaign Finance Banned in the United States. At the time of this writing, I am single. Thank You for Your Generous Interest. CΛRL ΛTTΞNIΞSΞ 卍道 NOTE: 卍道 ("Mando") is my Dharma name

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