On My Way to Japan, Again

As always
And Anew

On the bus from Seoul
Thinking of you
Unable to reconcile
The heartfull view (T.T)

All your loving messages in my old phone
From that time so new,
A lost place called home

I missed you at the bustop for the red one to Sadang
At the Dunkin Donuts it seemed like a lost Saturday
When we used to meet to get onboard
Cameras, pencils, drawing pads
And highschool smiles along

To cuddle in the seats
And drive the miles

And dream alone

The attempt to talk to You
In my sentimentalia on the bus
And in the subway by free phone
What a fussless fuss

The attempt to meet Paul in Gangnam
Before my trip

The attempt to get the ticket man at Seoul Station
To help me find out the time between Busan Ferry Terminal
And the Busan train station
Not too hip

I couldn’t meet Paul; not enough time
But I spoke to you, Love
So soft and kind
I got the information
You were sweet
I am on my way, without much of a bind

The KTX to Busan was a smooth, swift ride
And I wrote “Drawing Man”, full of smiles
Beautiful greens and ochres
Blues and whites, vistas out my window
Inspiring boyhood eyes

Here I am all new
Traveling and alive
Soon to board the boat
In the dark I will arrive

In Old Nihone
In Old Ilbone
Fukuoka Town,
My home away from home…

2 Responses

  1. When you get back from Japan, give me a call. I forgot to save your number properly again! Conor


    • Conzie, Great hearing from ya, me broother frem thu land o’great wreiters! I eem bahck. Ei have no phoone, temporerily, whowever. Ei Weel ‘ave a nooew one tomorrough ev’ni’n tho. I will cahl ya from work inthe dei, too.^^


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