To Be Spiritually In Love, Or Not to Be…

Dear Reader,

Welcome, and Love, Peace, and Joy to You.

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Thank you, Stella!

Perhaps I should rephrase. Maybe it sounded a bit arrogant of me to say we do not meet intellectually. I should have said, ‘we have different ideas at this point’. And you agree, which makes me happy, for you are a human being with your own experiences, insights, and understandings; all valid.

Stella: “I clash between the rational and the emotional, between optimism and cynicism, and between being a spiritual person and, well, a science major. I’ve been told by several people, including one VERY spiritual woman, that I need to listen to my heart and my body more and my head

Stella, don’t we all? Don’t be hard on yourself.(^^) And, congratulate yourself for understanding your machinations.

Stella: “Relationships fail and people get hurt whether they live six miles apart of six hundred miles apart, so I need to stop hiding behind the distance. Carl, you told me exactly what I needed to hear. THANK YOU.”

Thank YOU, Stella! And, yes, I agree. So if you have feelings that can be backed up with honorable dedication, and it is more pleasure than a struggle to follow such feelings, by all means, keep growing in love with this man; as long as you are not hearing an inner ‘Why not; I might as well?’

Stella: “You mentioned being in love in spiritual, basic, emotional, and physical levels. I understand basic, emotional, and physical, but what does it mean to be in love on a spiritual level?”

Well, I guess it means that your essence is stimulated by the relationship, and the relationship is stimulated by your essence. Imagine a person who knows all the notes and timing, positions on the instrument to manipulate, and how to make sounds by combining this knowledge and ability, but imagine the player doesn’t feel the sound, control the sound, and author the sound in such a way as to create “music”. That is to say, he doesn’t create a muse to inspire us. Simply put in music-teacher terms; a student who is technically good, but who has no sense of musicality is boring, or unfulfilling to listen to.

Your essence, your soul, or your spirit is the music in you, the shape of the sculpture in you, the color of the painting in you-with all its hues, shadows, depths, and brightness; warmth, and coolness, all combining with a spirit of the picture to make a feeling that moves you. Is your basic essence, your heart, your soul-or in scientific terms-your mind and its most excited and alive portions of your consciousness, stirred..and inspired to keep stirring-by this relationship? If so, I suppose you are in love spiritually. Or, put another way, do you ‘dance’ together?

Now that I put this grand idea into a feeble assortment of words, you can join in and help me describe what it is we feel in a moving relationship. Does this make sense?

I will share a bit of my personal life; I am currently broken up from my beloved and quite heart-broken. I was too focused on trying to make a perfect picture I could keep, instead of feeling her spirit and helping her feel free.

I have learned much since we broke up and am trying to restore the love between us. I am trying to inspire my beloved to dance with me again, but I must first show her I can be spiritually connected, for after all, that is where relationships fail.

Peace, Love, and Joy,

Carlo Atteniese
The Ocean & The Stars

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