Repast at Joe & Eun~bong’s


Last night I stayed at Joe and Eun~bong’s and enjoyed a wonderful dinner, play time with their marvelous daughter Fina, and, and as usual, great conversation and family warmth. Eun~bong mad a great dinner of my favorite variety; Tubuu-kimchi, and Kal-gooksoo! It was delicious! And of course, Joe made traditional tea, both last night and this morning.

Staying with friends always makes me contemplative.

More on this later! Time to go hiking with Joe! It is 6:29 AM.

Peace, Love, and  Joy!

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Carl is a Tokyo-based Writer, Artist, Videographer and Voice Actor from New York interested in Japanese, Ukiyo-e, philosophy and aerospace. For more about him, see his About pages.

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