My Muse, & The Drawing Man

Excerpts from new writing in my novel:

  from Chapter 1:

     And what the artist focused on most of all, and what he was trying to capture in his paintings and poetry, was the essence and feeling, the look and expression…

  from Chapter 2:

     But the aspect of the temple religion that the church-goers disliked almost as much as the fact that it wasn’t about their god was the fact that…

  from Chapter 3:

The candle-light dims as young attendants in alter-cloaks glide onto the alter-stage and gently put them out, one by one. The candles along the aisles of cushions are slowly lit at the same time the alter candles are extinguished, and the templers come out of their silent, trance-like state of spectating. Slowly they rise and move in quiet columns of methodically mindful walkers. They move to a large hall with wooden tables and chairs. Slowly they…


Saturday, I met Amber at Suwon Station and we browsed clothing I couldn’t buy for myself, or her. Of course, she didn’t want me to buy her things, but of course, being the nurturer and romantic that I am, I wanted to. Things will be different this year. We then almost went to a nearby cafe, as the most beautiful girl in the world didn’t want to brave the cold in Seoul, but I convinced her we would have a better time there. Deep down she really wanted to go there anyway.  Suwon has all the things you ‘need’, but hanging out there as opposed to going to Seoul is like staying in Lynbrook instead of going to New York City.

We rode the 3000 bus, and of course I had some sad thoughts. Soon, however, she was searching her smart phone for funny videos I had sent her, and I was so happy to see this; like I had succeeded in being her charmer, her cheer-up king, her jester. Something I  guess is going to last, and that makes me feel special. She watched the one of me being Dr. Von Vichtenshleib, the one of me doing The Hat Dance, and others. I laughed right along with her, at myself. Yeah, I can make myself laugh.

I had been without her for several months and only saw her occasionally during that time (we actually had an impromptu supper at Suwon Station on  Thursday night, wherein I was treated to compliments about my looks, good conversation, and where I actually stole a nice kiss and made her laugh  a lot on the wy home).

So here she was right next to me on the bus where our dating begn when we used to ride to Seoul when I lived there. SHe was soon sleepy, so as soon as she feel asleep, I unclasped hands, took off my jacket and sweat shirt, and made a pillow of the latter-which I propped against the window under her head, and a blanket of the former, which I draped over her legs. Then, I rejoined our hands beneath the jacket, and fell asleep looking at her.

In Gangnam we went to Dos Tacos and had burritos and beer. This was a treat, because int he two yers I know my beloved, I can count on one hand how many times we partook of the spirits together. It was the best of all times-in a sense-and light years beyond what I had expected, because given our present status, I might have thought my very proper love to want to remain completely lucid, but she obviously wanted to have a good time, and we did. We laughed at the silliest things, which is what drinking is for if you’re not kissing. We also elbowed one another in what was the first flirtatious elbow ‘fight’ I have ever had. It was wonderful; like we were two kids again. She laughed in most unexpected, bashful, and hearty ways. When Amber drinks, her truly innocent personality shines like  a school girl’s. One of my best friends, Bob Diefendorf, used to mourn the loss of naiveté. He should meet my beloved (Amber, that is not meant in the wy it is usually used; it is  compliment of the most creative,  pure, and spiritual).   

Next we went to the Apple store where she looked at headphones and chargers, and we drew on a tablet that put our art on a nice big flat-screen monitor. I tried to drew a snow scene, and Amber made a cute cartoon of herself. I captured her doing it on my phone-cam. It came out well. She should go pro. (see her a bit of her art at

After that we went to Kyobo Books, next door, in the Kyobo Tower, and I helped her get paper and markers for the Christmas cards she decided to make, at my suggestion.

We had a nice slumber on the way home, too-this time with Amber’s head on my shoulder for a while, which is always sweet.  I love that.

Today, I went to church with Paul, in Seoul, and afterward I introduced myself to the learned pastor and told him of my feelings about some of what he had said. He had talked about the Jubilee, and the celebratory mindset one should hve about the good news; about how Jesus was almost killed by the people of the , who attempted to throw him from a cliff-for proclaiming himself the messiah. he also spoke of how we cannot just live with Jesus in our minds; we must go to Church.

Though I am a Zennist, I  also consider myself a person with a Christian heart, but my understanding of the story of Jesus is a bit challenging to some traditional Christians who do not get into the lost gospels and textual criticism. Anyway, he had mentioned ”the Jews who rejected Jesus”, but I felt he did not say enough about why they rejected him, which to me is misleading, and a founding factor in anti-semitism. We had a nice talk-I was very polite-and he was privy to some of what I was talking about. He had mentioned Greek and Hebrew words during his sermon, which made me feel he wasn’t just any preacher. He seemed knowledgeable, if not open, to more of the history than you might expect. He invited me to become his friend and to visit his office for chats.

Afterward it was off to Dos Tacos next door again, and then Paul and I saw a wacky sci-fi thriller with excellent effects (which I won;t name because I want to take Amber to it if I can, even though it is bad in a sense; it’s  bit exciting and I want to enjoy her reaction, hopefully with a little beer, he he!).

Then we went to stopped at Paul’s “crib”, where he directed my attention to Opra’s interview with J.K. Rolling, which was very inspiring; so much so that I took his laptop and stated working again on my novel right there with e afternoon sun of Gangnam shining the last of the weekend in on my face as I sat on the floor. Finally, Paul showed me a hilarious-if not embarrassing-Youtube vid of P-Ditty on the streets of NYC, acting like the gangster-rapper he his in a tongue-in-cheek fashion while promoting his new album.

Peace, Love, and Joy,

and Happy Birthday to my wonderful sister, Nancy!


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