This is a site for aid for animals in Korea

Amber Park (Bitnah Bahk) is the well-loved and indefatigable manager and a teacher at  Toss English, Osan, in South Korea.  She is also the bread-winner in a family of four. To boot, Amber is a talented photographer, artist, and speaker of English as a second language.

I went to see her last night as she was winding down her work-day. She was busy editing an ad for the campus, as well as correcting the errors in an online audio-education program that a departing teacher had made.

When she was finally ready to leave, at about ten-thirty PM, she went into the teacher’s room and turned off computers and the copy-machine, and tidied the room (work the teachers should have done). I said, “They leave these things for you to do?”, to which she replied, ‘Always.’ Amber cares about work, her family, her friends, and a host of other issues, with all her heart.

Amber is a perfectionist. She does everything in the spirit of responsibility, not really personal pride, so much (in fact, I can hardly detect this addictive emotion in her).  

One of her concerns is animals. She nursed a sick cat I had given her to excellent health, spends enormous amounts of money on the sweet pet, and still has time to care about strays.

Regardless of the time or the weather, she will stop en route to wherever she is going, and investigate a homeless animal, and then worry over its welfare when we finally depart.

I shall report more on Amber’s (and my) adventures helping animals in Korea, in the future. For now, I will leave this link to a site that is dedicated to the same honorable task; rescuing our furry friends that are caught with little to scavenge in this ever-industrializing and developing world;

Love, Peace, and Joy,


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