Drawing: BP & S

At the time of the first Gulf War, I had felt we were pushing Saddam into a corner. This was an Arab leader who-say what you want about him-had a secular nation, in contrast to the other Arab states. He had written plays focused on the success he’d wished to attain. He had wanted to go down in history as a great leader, something enigmatic. That means he didn’t want to die, and had delusions of grandeur, and thus could have been bargained with to save us from war, and the loss of thousands of lives the first time; hundreds of thousands of lives in total up to now.

We probably could have gotten him to withdraw from Quwait with sanctions, and if that were not possible, then after ousting his army as we did, some kind of parlimentary reform in his country should have been attained, for oil-selling-rights, and the waring religious factions there now, would not be planting roadside bombs. Besides, by the time of the second war, his country had no WMDs, which I was almost sure of, and his economy had been devastated, not to mention completely crippled militarily.

Neither war was necessary, at least not the second. We know it was to control the oil in his country, plant the seeds of democracy in Arabia (actually not a bad idea, but I don’t favor killing people -as my father said-so they can vote), and to distract the nation from a Bush White House that couldn’t find Bin Laden. Take heed Americans, regarding North Korea.

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