I think it’s obviously sensible that the Sanhedrin was shocked and inconvenienced by this man from Nazareth, claiming to be their Messiah.

They supported his arrest and crucifixion, but unlike what a pastor said today, they didn’t kill him…just because Pilot ‘washed his hands of the matter’.

in fact, they didn’t kill him at all, though by today’s standards, their advocation of his being removed from their midst was tantamount to killing him.

Governor Pilot likely merely took advantage of their fervor, in lip-service alone, knowing their position before he’d asked-to make himself look better, but we shouldn’t assume he would have let Jesus go had the Sanhedron said to do so.

Rome saw any popular dissent in the empire as grounds for removal of aggitators, and destroyed cities to enforce that. A city near where Jesus was born was made into rubble just near the time of his birth-because its citizens spoke of freedom from Rome.

Much anti-semitism was born in penning the bible in such a way as to blame the Jews (‘God’s chosen people’) for the death of Jesus, and we shouldn’t echo this nebulous and vacuous claim, especially seeing what anti-semitism can do. Remember the pogroms and the holocaust.

Sincerely wishing you love, peace, and joy,
Carl Atteniese

Author: Carl

I Author essays, poems, love advice, drawings, photographs, video essays and narration and wrote a petition to ban private campaign finance in America.

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