Vegan Weekends

Sincerely wishing you love, peace, and joy,
Carl Atteniese

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Carl is a Tokyo-based Writer, Artist, Videographer and Voice Actor from New York interested in Japanese, Ukiyo-e, philosophy and aerospace. For more about him, see his About pages.

2 thoughts on “Vegan Weekends”

  1. ‘Nothing to do with Veganism, sorry; ‘Picked this date ’cause it’s my B-day. Carl, Love all the quotes and what you basically stand for…”Peace Within”; ‘Something I would love to learn and I have seen on the expert site that you have meditation as a way. ‘See I tried to do it for the most part, and my mind is a nascar track, so it’s hard-but I would love to get it down and other ways of peace and clear thoughts.


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