Sejung Culture Center Presents…

Enio Moricone!

When we were whisked away in the galloping theme of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, I could feel the horse under me and the dust; the spray of dirt, and the smell of the desert air! I could see the blue sky, the racing terrain, and adventurers astride their stallions gripping the reins and gleaming revolvers; their ten gallons-shadowing thier rugged, confident, and grimacing faces! All the while I felt and heard the speeding clip-clop of hooves!

Alternately, his dramatic passages rocketed me into space, atop an imaginary rocket!

Amber and I both sat forward, quite often, clutching the opera glasses, and on the egde of our seatsㅡas if watching a big screen thriller! Moricone’s conducting was visually ‘bombastic’ and powerful, gracful and beautiful, controled and supernatural, silent and tranquil, like a gentle breeze!

The Mission and Cinema Paradiso themes were epic, heart-absconding, and tear-inspiring! We were filled with memories, visions, sadness, mirth, contemplation, adventure, nastalgia, jubilation!

The music was the sound of cheek-streams, waterfalls, cherrubs, and swashbucklers, clouds and thunder storms; sighs and graceful balledeering, herralds and whispers!

Next I want to see Yoko Kano, Kitaro, and John Williams?

Sincerely wishing you love, peace, and joy,
Carl Atteniese

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