Why Is Love Not A Feeling?

Dear Friend,

Here are the answers I thought of, to your questions:

1. Why is love hard to explain?

It is not taught well, not practiced well, and people are weak and people are different. So, everyone has a different opinion about it. But I think love is one thing alone; doing whatever you have to do to make someone’s life wonderful, for you and that person.

2. Why isn’t love a feeling?

It is a feeling, but it is more than a feeling. Saying love is only a feeling is like saying a sport is only a feeling; only the feeling of victory. Sports take practice, and so does love.

3. When someone says ‘I love you’ to a person, does it mean the same as when another person says it, or does everyone have his/her own meaning for ‘I love you’?

Saying ‘I love you’ is like saying ‘hello’. Some say ‘hello’ with warmth and committment, and some say ‘hello’ automatically, just to be polite. Some say ‘hello’ wanting to know how you are, and whether they can help, while some say ‘hello’ to talk to you, for their own purposes.

If people understand love is honesty, committment, sacrifice, joy, endurence, honor, and sharing everything, then they understand love. If they are missing one part of that recipe, they mean something else from someone who knows what love is.

Does this help?


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