Essay: Sensitivity in Japan

In Japan, I didn’t feel as calm and happy as I usually do on my sojourns there.

For the second time, I was there with Bill, which is cool. Two people interested in film and stories, in an enchanting place like Japan, should be able to have a very interesting time, but…

The background music in my soul was a sad ballad. I was thinking about what had happened with that special someone in my life, and about the things she’d said to me the last time I’d seen her lovely face.

And traveling is always a happy, exciting, and even necessary thing to me-to give me a purpose, a breather, a peaceful time; a sort of small reward for the lackluster life I live.

And I love to travel and bring back gifts for my beloved, not only because giving is so pleasurable, but because it can bring such spontaneous happiness to her. She is often disappointed by this life, as she is a loving, compassionate, sensitive, and erudite soul. She is an artist.

Besides, when I travel, I feel bad that she cannot. And even though she is no longer mine, I only think of her when I shop in Japan. She loves cute, sentimental, unique, and cozy things & places.

I satisfied this urge to splurge for her, even though I was hurt by her words Thursday night. I understand. She wants understanding, respect, and to be heard; not gifts.

Sorry, Bill.

Peace, Love, Joy, & Veganism,

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