Poetry: Ripples on Ponds

Bodies carry hidden
What’s known to us…
Not friends

If known, or even where in us,
They often forget

And when remembering
They know not
At what depths
Looking for perfection
Something not met

Like a pond, that’s alluring
Shimmering with light
Savoring its sun gifts
It’s moonbeams, at night

Ever for the pleasant
Searching out delight
Blind to things hidden
Unseen by our site

Running in, to cool ourselves
Stripping, as we go
We catch afoot something
Something helpless,
Down below

Do we cry, upon our fall
Screaming, ‘the confounded drink!’?
Complaining ‘Damn oasis!’?
Is this how we think?

Do we emerge
Disheartened, then-
Cursing the waters there?

Or do we see our selfishness
And our lack of care?

The body, still is beautiful
In the wind and the sun

Flowering with life
In rest and in fun

Underneath the ripples,
Of the past

Return to him
But mindfully
So that love
May last


Copyright © 2015 Carl Atteniese Jr., AKA ‘Mando’, All rights reserved.

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