My Poor Ami

I am so blessed. Though I have the history of a man who’s life has been dreadfully marred by hypoglycemia, I am in control of it’s symptoms, which means in effect, I have conquered it, to a large degree.

Otherwise, I am the picture of health, and though friends probably see my diet as Spartan, I am happy to have a physical age indexbof about 30. I can eat when I want, and though I don’t eat sweets, I don’t really want to, as they are high in fat, and usually contain animal products (I’m a vegan).

One very special to me is not so lucky. She has gastrointestinal issues that prevent her from eating when she needs too. This can give her hypoglycemia-like symptoms, too-though she is not predisposed to the disease.

As a vegan, Amber is also quite limited in what she can eat, so though she is happy to be such, these limitations in addition to her stomach problems make her life all the more arduous.

She is hungry at night and cannot eat, because she has low-grade digestion, causing her severe cramps in the morning. She is also sensitive to wheat products (my treat, from time to time), and so her favorite food besides Indian cuisine-pasta-is also something of ‘no-no’.

Ami works so hard. She has little time to enjoy herself, turning to food, books, and her iPod for enjoyment after work. And, after working all day, all that’s left of that trio is the reading and electronic fun; music, blogging, and games,-but who can enjoy those things with a growling stomach that craves food she can’ give it?

I am so sorry, Amber. I hope you will go for further tests to eradicate, or better diagnose-and then deal-with this problem. And I hope I can be there to help.

Peace, Love, Joy, & Veganism,
My twitter is: carlatteniese

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