Essay: Love is of One Kind

Hi, Sally,You are nice, I think. The way you ask questions is thoughtful. \(^o^)/

To me, Sally, all love is the same. It is-if you don’t mind-a sense inside of us, not exactly coming from another wonderful person alone, but from some place between you both. And that happens for all people we are attracted to and care about, from our young relatives to the cute old man who tips his hat to you or to a cute old lady…to our lover….

To me, the difference is in our need, willingness for closeness, and thus the level of intimacy; how we express it.

Aha! Perhaps it can be said like this! A flower is beautiful-technically-structure-wise, in all the same ways to everyone, except in how more or less it may touch this person or that, because of his or her experience, and so one person has a need to be around that flower more, and expresses a deeper or lesser affection for it.

Love is affection; being affected, and giving love is showing that affection, both for care, and for a need to be near the one that causes that affection. We have a greater intimate need-in certain ways-for someone in particular, and thus a greater expression comes out for that one. However it’s sill love!

Peace, Love, Joy, & Veganism,

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