Love: You Can Change

Here are the comments I sent to a recent client:

How are you, Wonderful Human Being? I am sorry this is late.

Please do this, as a fist step in helping yourself, and in helping me help you;

1. Please look at the questions on my profile page and answer them for me. This will help you think and feel more, about your situation, and it will give me insight into you and your boyfriend.

2. Please try meditating. It is a very simple method of attaining inner piece, AND answers. It will calm your mind, help you feel and think more clearly, and give you ideas as to what to do or not to do.

3. Don’t worry about your boyfriend being on FB. And if you don’t like his drinking so much, tell him, lovingly, peacefully, and without blame. If he gets abusive, tell him you must take leave of him, go for a walk or see a friend, and tell him you will see him later and not to worry.

4. Be the best person you can be, by changing bad habits of your own. If you have trouble with this, the meditation will help. Meditation brings mindfulness, which helps us see more what we are really doing, moment to moment. It makes us better human beings, since mindfulness keeps us from acting more like the human beings we can be, and less like the animals we are. If the meditation is not enough, try reading some Anthony Robbins, like Release The Giant Within. There are other great book titles on my profile page.

5. Remember that we have all been programed by the negative and positive comments spoken to us by our parents and teachers; guardians and friends-and we have to escape this and realize we are changeable. If we cannot change, we are not human. You can be anything you want (within reason), and are not defined by other peoples’ compliments or derision.

Let me know what you think.

SIncerely wishing you Peace, Love, and Joy,

Carlo Atteniese
My twitter is carlatteniese

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