Letter: The 2012 Presidential Election

Patrick Gaspard
Executive Director
Democratic National Committee

I wax ‘polantic’ (politically romantic) that one day, America will do away with the presidential race as a false solution to choosing proper policy and humanistic and egalitarian ethical leadership.

What I envision is the people and the legislative branches voting the issues, and along party lines those issues would define both party and plan for the nation.

(The life-term for Supreme Court justices must end, too. This solution to the framer’s supposed fears of executive strength are undermined by planting ideologues at the helm of our nation’s judicial thinking and decision-making.)

Back to my dream; simultaneously and by coincidence, as a plan-based campaign and convention-style debate would ensue, appropriate leaders would emerge. After a vote by the people, a winning plan for foreign and domestic policies would have won and it’s authors automatically go into the executive branch.

But that’s a fantasy, for now.

I am fed up with American politics. Self-appointed moral idiots like Palin and Bachman have no place in American politics. Palin is a poster girl for fashion and Bush-era sensibilities and Bachman is a totalitarian by nature of her biblical slant. Neither of them are worthy of being the leaders of the free world.

France, Japan, and I would guess Germany have governments peopled by educated, cosmopolitan, and highly sophisticated individuals. France has a government of scientists!

We elect Tom, Dick, and Harry, and get numbskull government with a biblical ferocity of the old testament, while good men such as Pawlenty and Obama are trashed because they are gentlemen.

We cannot let this election be a Willy Horton Attack-style free-for all. Real issues that boil down to the fate of our species are at stake, now.

Palin wants to drill the hell out of the earth. Bachman has no respect for religious diversity, or the founding principles of our country. She’s a theocrat. Romney wants to eliminate Medicare. Perry seems to be a clone. Paul was interesting to me, but his ideas are like Jerry Brown’s and JFK’s. He’ll be lame duck or shot.

Creation damn their pathetic efforts and let’s roll up our sleeves and put these types on the trash heap with Bush, Reagan, and Nixon.

Carl Atteniese
My twitter is: carlatteniese

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