I know where you are
I have spent years there
Though in your milieu
Perhaps it’s particularly more

Hell would be better
At least the burns there
Aren’t eternal
Only the pain

So, let us be brothers
And commiserate
For men are oft not taught
Just beaten into their rolls

And in my particular tribe
We are told not to cry
Whilst we are inculcated
Control the softer sex
And leave them alone
And listen to them
Though we’ve had our ears boxed

Then we should build the world
Fight wars to protect what’s built
Yet try not to get angry
In this raping process
And all along keep dancing
Our aches unnoticed
Only our pirouettes
And taps

Under the lights

In the mean time
If we fall off the stage
From exhaustion
We’re let go
Our hearts in tow
Or what’s left

Let it out
And get back to work

© Copyright 2012 Carl Atteniese Jr., All Rights Reserved. Peace, Love, Joy, & Imagination to you.

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