Kyonggi Do

It’s certainly friendly
And very congenial
Kind and cozy
And not demean-ial

In Seoul or Suwon
In Chooncheon, Kangwan, too
When Koreans are nice
They’re near familial
It’s true

Today the woman at the post office
Was friendly like a grandmother
Or an aunt

I wanted to leave a box there
And she most politely told me
“You can’t”

With the taxi-driver I felt
To apologize
For bringing food into his car
He asked right away
“You Had no time for lunch?”
So I’d told him what I’d done
‘Thus far’
He’d actually inquired
And I didn’t mind

This care for one another
Makes life less blind
For we can see
What people are about
And that way we can be
More kind


Copyright © 2012 and 2015, Carl Atteniese Jr., AKA ‘Mando’, All rights reserved.

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