Like A Spacrcraft

Copyright © 2015 Carl Atteniese Jr., AKA ‘Mando’, All rights reserved.

Korean trains are like spacecraft
Modular, clean, ergonomic
Economic, safety-capable
Military, sleek and modern

There is a tone that some
Make that is straight out of

The doors hiss like Decompressing air locks
The electric motors wine
In increasing cycles of vibrant
Frequency and higher decibels
As their carriage accelerate
Like a mysterious machine
In a sci-fi film

The only ‘anachronism’ to this
Day dream is their boxy shape

I really think that they should
Have a futuristic shell
Like the Rapíd that shuttles
Between Osaka Airport
And downtown

Only to highlight Korea’s
Accomplishment in metro


© Copyright 2012 Carl Atteniese Jr., All Rights Reserved. Peace, Love, Joy, & Imagination to you.

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