The Light in Us

The Light in Us

Is it the fulling moon
Pressing it’s passionate
Light against the sky
In our shy
Earth night
Cold, up high

Or that attraction
Between the bodies
A gravity

That draws me wanting
To be close and warm
With you

Or is it you

I fall adream

Yet not too gone
To keep from keeping

My waking dream

And I float in
To this, a picture

And I walk in
Into the mirror

And picking you up
As I love to do
I have the aroma
Of herbs and oils
Pleasant to your senses

And you drift, yourself
My heavenly Angel
Into a slumber

Into my sleep
Where I lay you
Down in a meadow
Tall with warm and
Sunlit grass

Beneath a tree you lie
You lie your beautiful
Self on me

And I sing to you
I seranade thee
Softly as the breeze
So quietly

And I watch you breathe
And a tear washes free
From my cheek
It cleanses me

And touching your skin
As the sun goes red
You stir neath stars
Your lovely head

And looking up
As the moon does rise
I see the starlight in
Thine eyes

The lovely
Beautiful eyes

And I kiss you softly
On the lips
And time is started
All anew

And all I do
Forever true
From the slumber
In the dream

Forever and gently
I love you

And I carry you home…
In the writing, photography, and drawing studio of this heartmind

Carl Atteniese

© Copyright 2012 Carl Atteniese Jr. All Rights Reserved. Edited with Photo Forge 2

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