Love Sees Beauty

Love is the greatest source of the most intense and powerful inspiration. This is because no matter what may drive someone, be it money, power, treasures, or physical, artistic, or intellectual achievements, if you add love to the mix–it becomes stronger still, doesn’t– it? Because love is a non-logical attraction that incorporates all the emotions and the mind and body together–driving us by hormonal, visual, tactile, olfactory, and memory-based experience, and love motivates people to overcome all kinds of odds like almost nothing else can.

Love is the forger of the most beauty a human mind can see–because it is intricately, viscerally, mentally, and emotionally personal–personalizing whatever aesthetic or spiritual beauty one is experiencing. This is why there can be no greater beauty beyond what the lover sees, not to him or her, anyway–regardless of the mass appeal of some general set of aesthetics–as represented in “a beautiful” man, woman, child, or thing. And this is why “Beauty (does) lie(s) in the eye of the beholder.” Finally, this is why it is insane for anyone to attempt to be beautiful to everyone–in following trends, fashion, and the urge to alter one’s face.

Beauty, like art, is formed in the individual mind, whereas aesthetics is formed in the consciousness of the masses, in some form of consensus–and therein lies the difference.

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