Hi, All.

This should be on an about page, but I wanted it to get top-billing. For a long time there have been no memoir-style updates on my site. The reason is I was presenting myself as an artist/poet/photographer, and I didn’t want my site to look like a blog. I even dislike the word, ‘blog’. It is undignified and aesthetically unpleasing. It sounds like a creature form a nineteen-fifties B movie sci-fi flick.

Anyway, I was trying to market myself as a soon-to-be professional, and I had planned to do drawings and photos for printing (which I would still like to do), so I wanted the site to look clean, simple, and focused on visual art. Another reason I was marketing my work in website format–with no daily updates and only links to what was featured–was that my girlfriend was saying she wanted to see a professional site. And another reason still, was a good friend was saying to be professional, ‘get the personal stuff off the site.’ Some of the most successful people have marketed themselves that way, but their sites are boring, even when designed beautifully, because they are like sign-posts in the desert, where no one goes for long. Why? They are lonely, and the interactive blog environment is the answer to that, and it is the website of today, where people congregate. So that is why I am returning to a blog-style format.

Here’s the thing. A long time ago I had an epiphany; ‘Don’t change yourself into something, be more of what you are, or get better at it.’ I am not only a photographer. I am not only a poet. I m not only a teacher (well, I don’t do that any more). I am not only a spoken-word performer and a comic. I am all these things and that is what I am. And the charm in a person comes in the amalgam of what she or he is, not in dissecting his or her parts. Besides, it’s more fun and less pretentious to present yourself as a whole person, and on the blogosphere, ease is the means of the day, so I have everything all here in one place. I think that if anyone wants to take a professional interest in me or my work, he can click one link or another and focus on what he wants.

Furthermore, in the spirit of being whole, I will have daily updates of my life in Korea, because, let’s face it, this is my ‘journey to the moon’, and the defining event of my life, thus far.

Peace, Love, Joy, & Imagination,


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