How to Live

BrilliantThe best way I have found–to live, is lovingly; loving myself, and loving others… moment to moment.

You will get angry at ourself and others–despite trying to live this way, but as long as you ‘call yourself back to the path of love’, you will be better off than if you hadn’t.

What does loving yourself and others mean? Well, we can start by understanding that we are human and that means we are very special, and so are should be treated very specially; as the brilliant, capable creatures we have been proven to be, and so not taken for granted or abused. Human beings should be revered by each other, as a virtual miracle if billions of years of cosmological evolution, tens of millions of years of biological evolution, and several hundreds of thousands of years of existence of a particular surviving type of human, and as the products of social evolution. We have come a long way!

Think of it this way. We that are human could have become something else, but we are here–as we are, fortunate, living alongside other highly intelligent mammals; other primates, the dolphins, the whales….

And if you believe in God, then another reason to love and respect yourself and others is, God created that process which resulted in our being here, resulting in a masterpiece.

However great we are, in our capacity to love, think, and create; to manipulate, control and destroy; and to repair–as a species, this greatness should not be seen as an excuse or a reason for the right to control others; other species or other human beings. This is, however, what we have done and are still doing, and it may yet be the eventual end of us.

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