Kwang-Jon Kim’s Tweets


Dear Mr. Bae Hyun-Jung,

Greetings, Sir.

Thank you for your interesting article highlighting the pre law-maker-status remarks on twitter of Representative Kwang-jin Kim.

Though I feel a man heading for political office needs to reign in his possibly offensive and personal opinions on his physical proclivities and death wishes for President Lee in public statements–I am at least heartened by Kwang-jin Kim’s candor (albeit shocked a bit and embarrassed for him).

However, it is clear to me that this is being highlighted not only for its news-worthiness and the relevance of the damage-control-apology made for Kim by DUP leader Jie-won Park, but also because of its damaging impact on the DUP (by conservatives).

I wonder what kind of tweets, messages, and Kakao banter we would discover if a sweep were done of all law-makers, especially of conservatives.


Carl Atteniese,

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