The Heart And Mind

Between “The Heart” and “The Mind” there are processes of observation, perception, thought, feeling, idea, dream, and decision. But meditation on such things is not done in “the heart”.

“The mind” is the thinking, self-aware part of the brain’s functioning that is our consciousness, which making us self-aware, or sentient; where we make decisions on issues, via reason. This part of the mind contains good or bad social programming, an understanding of reality–based on observation, inference, deduction, rational analysis, and arriving at decisions of judgement and certainty. Some if this may depend on education and the processing of all observation depends on intelligence (the capacity for abstract thought; a logic of cause and effect. The minds ability to observe and understand also depends on DNA, body chemistry, health, the environment, and consumption. This is not the heart.

All the experiences of all of the afore-mentioned processes take place in the brain (though I’ve heard some authorities are said to have mentioned that they now think other organs are involved in consciousness, such as the stomach).

Then there is the part of the brain related to physiology that runs the heart, and other organs automatically, and which “decides” issues unconsciously, such as how we should react to tactile stimulation, creating reactive sensations and instinctive reactions–to external temperature, humidity, pressure, incision, etc…. The brain will send a signal to the part of the body that’s been stimulated externally, to create recognition of that area consciously–whether it be to register the sensation of a tear-drop sliding down your cheek, or the dilation of the pupil in reduced light. Of course there are signals sent to and fro to make you aware of inner comfort or discomfort as well (for needs of excretion, elimination, pleasure, pressure, pain, sexual and nutritional requirements. This, of course, is not the work of “the heart”.

There is still another part of the mind that connects the afore-mentioned to our sentimentality, and to our philosophical experience, and perhaps, most importantly, “decides” our deepest, non-logical preferences, like our favorite color, our particular intellectual interests, our predilection for certain sensations, including those experienced when in the presence of art, like an arrangement of color, shape, light, and shadow (visual art); tones, melodies, rhythms, (music), three-dimentional creations of positive and negative space, depth, height, length, and volume (form), vocal pitch, range, and use (song); movement experienced or observed (mime, dance, physical comedy [though intellectual comedy is ironic to a deeper, more cognitive level, so relies heavily on social programing and education]) ….and our metaphysical belief or lack there-of.
These preferences are–not totally–but for the most part unable to be influenced by reason. They comprise what we “feel”, exclusively–not “think”.

This is where love comes from, which is affected by hormonal disposition and childhood psychology and experienced social programing, as well as other cognitive and experiential–even physical (chemical) influences, but love does not originate there. And the confluence of those interlocking and exponentially complex factors is so grand, we might as well call it un-map-able.

This is the place that tells you whom you love…

…and it’s the place that tells you what you believe when tested reality (science) “cannot” explain it (yet).

And this place, to a deeper extent, tells you right from wrong–beyond the morals of your particular philosophy or religion.

This is what we have in common with animals that rescue human babies from trash heaps.

This is what makes the mass murderer sorry, or at least cognizant of his deleterious effects on individuals and society, even if he is a sociopath and can’t “feel” it; enabling him to donate his body to science.

This place is mostly beyond reason, and therefore hard to understand and explain, though poets and other artists try.

If God speaks to you, it is hear that you listen. If he does not, it is this place that decides that he can’t be heard, because it is ridiculous to you to think so, along with your cognition (thinking, intelligent, observant part of your brain).

This is “The Heart”, and it is “a mind” apart from what a particular society or religion programs. And it is the source of the real truth, for you. That’s why people say, “follow your heart”, and because not to do so leads to unhappiness.

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