Steven Hawking Says He Doubts We’ll Survive

Steven Hawking Says He Doubts We’ll Survive…The Next Thousand Years Without having to escape the fragility of our world.

I read today that “every science academy in the world ‘accepts the mainstream view of man-made global warming.’ Next, ‘Every government recognizes the danger of tampering with the climate that allowed human society to thrive. They’ve agreed we must limit the global temperature increase to 2C – “a level which isn’t by any means “safe” but which may be enough to avoid the worst impacts.” Then, “The amount of warming we will experience goes up roughly in proportion to the total amount of carbon that the global society emits – cumulatively.”

Read the article ( I took these quotes and paraphrased from. It is much worse than you think. It is not a matter of whether we hae a disaster, now, it is a matter of how devastating it will be, even if we stop taking fossil fuels from the Earth and only burn what we have extracted, we are going to put 3tn tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and it is “overwhelmingly likely that we would shoot well past 2C and towards 3C or even 4C of warming.”

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