Peace, Love, And Joy…

I hope you feel great. I’m happy you dropped by. It’s an honor.

I mean the things I say, and they may be uncommon, so I can be misundrstood.


I look into the essence of things and am a celebrator of life, so I see something to be enthusiastic about in everything, and everywhere I look.

I feel and think that people like Galileo, Einstein, Newton, Copernicus, and other free-thinking artists of science and expression, like Da Vinci, Carravaggio, Hokusai, Hiroshige, Yoshitoshi; Van Gogh, Klimt, Schelle, Rembrandt, my sisters and my parents, my ex, and some of my friends, are the closest entities to angels we shall ever see on Earth.

This is true for Walter Russell, Bertrand Russell, Darwin, Plank, Crick, Loinhook, Edison, Bell, Franklin, Marx, Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, Adams, Neitche, Tesla, Curie, Dawkins, Hitchens, Marx, Kierkegaard, Ehrman, Camus, Plato, Socrates, Thich Nhat Hanh, Suzuki, The Dalai Lama, Seung Sahn, Dae Heng, Lao Tsu…

Ho Chih Minh, Washington, Clinton, Brown, Moore, Schweitzer, Stone, Allen, Chaplin, Carlin, CK;

All the comedians, all the artists, all the scientists…

Jesus The Christ, The Buddha…

John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Paul McCartney, Jackson, Denver, Peter Gabriel, for certain…

Go ahead and laugh, really; I am leaving out a great many people and some of them because you’d be shocked; How did Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Hirohito, Pol Pot become evil; by design? Of their own accord? They are vilified, but more greatly than Bush, Nixon; consider Lincoln; he ‘had’ Sherman burn down The South. Were these men (not including Lincoln; I love his memory) bad as little boys? Were they loved or abused? Do we abuse children, in our societies? With our cultures; religion, education, capitalist indoctrination and conformity? How much more damaging were these societal conventions in the days when these boys were conscripted into their worlds? Who followed them, agreed with them, supported them? Who’s responsible?


I feel that even “angels” aren’t perfect.

Think of Lucifer. What was his flaw? As Al Pacino portrays him in Devil’s Advocate, he says he is “a fan of man”, and obviously there’s nothing wrong with that, but he routed for man more than for righteousness. Isn’t this the hallmark of our egos?

The worst of despots-notwithstanding insanity–might have had loving intentions, but they went wrong in their practice and in their need to control… and couldn’t we say they were aided, abetted, and led to their killing perches through this support?

Look at our world, today. Is Kim Jung Un less of a despot because we have him in check? Is he a despot by inheritance and an entrapping position of comfort and enshackling pride-filled obligation?
Are we guilty of not trying to rescue him?

Are we culpable when men like him cross the line–whilst we’d had decades to intervene?

All “angels” among humanity WERE–and those like them ARE–trying to make the human experience better, less painful, more beautiful….

The secret to the success of this endeavor is love….

We can all be free-thinking, expressive, loving, and world-changing individuals; great parts of humanity….

It would take a big step in out thinking. We have to stop labeling people, especially with de-humanizing labels, like ‘monster’. No one wants to talk to a monster. You kill a monster, and with that attitude, you get where we are today.

I think a good way to really see if someone is healthy and the recipient of well-taught and generously-given love is to see she “fights to win” or ‘wins at conciliation’ and peace-making? The defensive, bellicose person is in pain. We might not be able to disarm an unhealthy person with sweet talk if he’s already got tanks on the border, but if we were invested in saving everyone from the beginning, seeing the possibilities before they went up in smoke, he might not have those tanks on the border.

How to be more like an angel, or if that’s to feminine for you, ‘how to be a heroic individual’:

1. join:, and help reduce the suffering in the world, and;

2. See these films on You Tube:

•The Eleventh Hour

Well, these are first steps.

Thank you,
Love, Peace, and Joy

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