The State is Not Responsible for Your Relationship

I am responding to this:

Basically the video presents the statistical analysis that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, a correlation between children developing emotional and physical ailments, committing rape and suicide, dropping out of school, abusing drugs, getting involved in teenage pregnancy, becoming obese and a general decline in all areas of life-success–coming from single-parent homes and unmarried-parent homes. Great information, tragic reality.

Brilliant. One flaw: Break-ups or; a man leaving a woman/ a woman leaving a man (or two same-sex partners, one female-role-modeling, the other male-role-modeling breaking up) is not the fault of the state and has everything to do with how we teach [and usually do not teach} love, how we inundate ourselves with open-relationship-oriented media and role-modeling in peer groups and with elders, and everything to do with how (you saw this in Korea most heavily) parents and other peer-group-influenced parroting guardians equate marriage with shopping for a provider, thus often interrupting the passionate bond that holds people together, inspiring the excuse and habit-forming practice of moving to partner to partner. I cannot tell you how many request-for-counseling-letters I received from young adults exhibiting concerns that they should be dating around, despite the fact that they were madly in love and devoted to someone–BECAUSE the culture says they are a certain age and should not be feeling these feelings and should not be devoted to another young adult. In my opinion, this is the habit-energy producing behavior that takes them into infidelity, poor relationships, and divorce. People often wind up marrying whom they think they should marry, instead of whom they want to marry; thus we often hear the pitifully ridiculous phrase known to everyone not living on Mars– “I can do better.” So, the evidence is clear, that people fare better coming from a two parent home, but there is no evidence they are not in a two parent home because of the state. In this report, it is assumed. It is called social engineering. If you break up with your partner, it is your behavioral issue, not the issue of the state.

f the state.

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