The Conscience You Cultivate Requires Action

The Conscience You Cultivate Requires Action

I just watched The Trials of Henry Kissinger. It should be really hard for a decent human being to not feel outrage, shame, disgust, embarrassment, and supreme amounts of remorse and guilt–as an American watching this, seeing what we did under this man and under Nixon and Ford–to South Vietnam, North Vietnam, and East Timor & their people, and to Salvador Allende.

However, one realizes that men like Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon, Alexander Haig, Gerald Ford, and others like them (Bush,

mqdefault (1)Reagan, etc.) have succeeded in their undeniably clinical insanity and maniacal treachery by lying to the American people. This may afford consolation–short, temporary, abstract respites of reprieve from guilt; but being American, and members of a citizens’ representative democracy–we are bound by culpability that is certain, for we have let these men walk free, and we have continued to allow them and men like them…after them–in the same positions–to continue on, to wield and abuse the same power they abused in the sixties and seventies–to be butchers in our name. And in fear, we have even gone into the same or similar activities again for them, duped and duplicitous….

I can see why friends of mine do not want to pay taxes when they know our taxes are paying for treachery like this. And for whom? In the past it was United Fruit, Dole, Pepsi, ITT, Bell Helicopter–for agribusiness, telecom, coal, rubber, and aero-military. Now it is for Carlyle, Brown & Root, Halliburton…for oil, gas, and contractors.

I can see why Dr. Chomsky wanted a tax revolt during Vietnam. What is America’s excuse, today? Same as it was then. Too many Americans are god damned oblivious. And most of us are not involved in our democracy.

Go ahead, watch another dumb sitcom. Post about how much you love your daughter or your son, or your pet. These are nice, even necessary, sometimes. But how many of you will will actually give a damn, educate yourselves, and do something about it. Like change the way you vote or sign a petition?

Perhaps the scariest aspect of all this now, is, we have fewer civil liberties with which to defend our rights, should clinically verifiable sociopathic maniacs such as these infest our halls of government, again, and we wish to divert them. Worse, still, we have allowed ourselves to fall for the second Pearl Harbor that virtually guarantees our perpetual fear a terrorism we are largely responsible for, so they can embroil us next time with far greater ease. Watch this, as a duty to America, so you fail to fall for for it any longer.

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