Open The JFK Files (Petition)

John F. Kennedy was a brilliant mix of genius, charisma, poet, statesman, and courageous visionary–tempered by war, a philosopher-king’s wisdom, and a Zen monk’s compassion & cool. He was what we needed in a moral leader, a real man…not afraid to fight, but man enough to resist and intelligent enough to lead the world to peace. He was a senator, an orator, educated, perceptive, feeling, and humane; a man who could motivate masses of human spirits, and he wanted to stop the secret societies, the military-industrial complex’s hold on our economy, and the unfair control of our monetary system by the Fed; He wanted an end to international intervention–to end all foreign wars and foreign armies–including ours. He was a man ahead of his time and deeply embedded in the real issues of his own. He saved us from nuclear holocaust in the Cuban Missile Crisis, and knew the CIA had to be ‘splintered into a thousand pieces and scattered to the wind’, along with the military advisors who wanted him to bomb Russia–after they hid in a bunker–those Dr. Srangelove maniacs–lest we have…well…what we have today–a fascist state (in the precise technical, textbook meaning of the term). And the people who killed him did it so we could have what THEY have today… America by the scruff: George Bush, Allen Dulles, E. Howard Hunt, Nixon… They ruined us, and shat upon what our founding fathers made for us, spat upon what my family fought for in the wars that were supposed to free us of Nazism; and we are still doing what Eisenhower warned against, hauling ourselves off to war, for their profit–slaves to a military economy that pretends to the virtues of democracy whilst creating instability in the Koreas, Iraq, and soon, Iran and Pakistan…with limited historical vision; their terrified Republican school-boy dreams of Big Daddy’s Sweaty Pocketful of fear and jingling coins… for their benefactors…the one percent.

Let us not forget that John Fitzgerald Kennedy launched us on a peaceful mission to the stars–which not only brought vision, peaceful scientific and technological progress and endeavor, but a means for international cooperation that binds us in peace to former rivals and enemies. And that is why he did it. And that mission to the stars may save us in more ways than one. Ask me about this, if you do not understand how.

So, we need to know the truth, even if only to set these characters free of the suspicion that most Americans level at them, wouldn’t you say? Or maybe so we can grow up. Yes; the truth will allow us to grow up. And stop being the bastards of the human race.

Please sign, for your children, those you love, and for yourselves. For the blood, sweat, and tears shed in the name of a nation that was once the shining beacon of freedom in the world. And for Jack, because he was there for all of us, until he was taken from us by those who absconded with a better destiny for America and the world.

Peace, Love, Joy, and Honest Imagination to you and yours,



Free the JFK Files – Sign the Petition!

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