Weigh in on Obama Care

Give me the 1s, 2s, 3s, and the The ABCs!

I N S T R U C T I O N S :

  Answer this post ONLY…

  1. if you answer these three questions and their sub-questions.
  2. You can write whatever else you like after the answers.
  3. If you do not answer the three questions and sub-questions, I will delete your comments:

Simple enough? Let’s Begin:

1. If your health care costs have increased, (A) tell me WHY (was it the Insurance claim or your actual premiums that caused it)?

2. Watch the video and tell me (B) if you think these features of the ACA, AKA “Obama Care” are good or bad and (C) tell me why.

3. If you do not support Obama Care, you must give an alternate proposal that conforms with the constitutional mission statement “provide for the general welfare” in terms of health care coverage for all. Keep in mind that under the system we had before Obama Care, Insurance Companies controlled the health care system in America and actively employed people to deny your benefits and health care for a multitude of reasons.

Author: Carl

I Author essays, poems, love advice, drawings, photographs, video essays and narration and wrote a petition to ban private campaign finance in America.

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