Non-NASA Evidence of The Moon Landings

Non-NASA Evidence of The Moon Landings

Several months ago I had written an essay entitled Yes, We went to The Moon (I will create a link to this article, right here in the title, when I have more time). You can find it by search, or by looking below at my list of recent publications, on the right, under my flash galleries.

I discovered writing on this additional evidence whilst exploring another aspect of the lunar missions at Wikipedia (an absolutely fascinating and perception-shattering and highly news-worthy element of the moon missions beginning with Apollo 12 that I was previously ignorant of, known as SEVAs).

The Wiki link I am providing here shows how photo-imagery from Japanese and Chinese spacecraft  details the changes in lunar regolith reflectivity that matches the lurain data of where our astronauts landed on the moon. In simple terms, this means that the rocket engines of the craft we took to the moon were responsible for kicking up enormous amounts of moon dust which changed the features of the moon, and thus how sunlight is reflected into space in the places where the astronauts landed on the moon. Japanese and Chinese crafts have shown this with their photography. (American craft  show the actual landers and I will provide a link to that, but the point of this article is to show the non-American, non-NASA proof, thereby dispelling the notions of a hoax.)

I will write more about this in the future and of course start a link list with important data like this at Yes, We went to The Moon.

Thank you for reading.

Never stop exploring, questioning, and trusting the right sources.

Carl Atteniese

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