Mean-spiritedness in America

I used to think America was kind; after all, when you get to know mentally healthy–even non-mentally healthy–Americans, you often can detect the kindness and basic affinity for egalitarianism–even under the shield of conservatism–but, I think there are far more mean-spirited conservatives in North America–in the USA, especially–than in Canada, Latin America, Europe or Asia-notwithstanding, of course, the mean-spiritedness you would expect to find among desperate people, like Kim Jung Un and his beleaguered population, the mean-spiritedness you find among gangsters all over the world (they are desperate people, too), and the mean-spiritedness you find among fundamentalists (they are more or less insane, or temporarily mentally ill–in my most compassionate estimate).

I cannot make excuses anymore. Too many Americans are heartless, careless, and mean–with the majority of them being conservatives, so how much longer can I pretend Americans are kind? Look at our Congress; look at the Tea-party. The very existence of it and the behavior of these people, their views, their actions, and their staying power means we are mean people in no small numbers–because mean-spiritedness is what keeps them in power. And if we are not mean, why are they and their supporters still there?

The people I am talking about are discriminatory, unforgiving, and pro-global warming that in their pretense of denying it, they support its degrading progression; yes, for the climate change we are already suffering from. Do you really think they don’t believe it is what science says it is? Honestly? I mean, let’s face it, if you are against the 97% of the scientists screaming at the top of their ingenious proverbial lungs that we are damaging the environment irreparably in terms of human comfort and survival, there is something seriously wrong with you–because you are in favor of risking that comfort and survival–at best and you think you know better than NASA. That’s insane, clinically, I would imagine.

Too many Americans are for killing people with remote-control planes, punitive and exorbitantly expensive capital punishments, and fighting against national health-care. They are for exempting the oil, gas, and petrochemical industry from environmental laws they are in favor of rolling back free speech in their gagging the public and keeping them from knowing about the damage they support in the name of profit); and they hate the poor. This is all proven by what they support.

Americans will pay insane prices for a military that has to control the world to maintain the dirty energy they crave, but cry and stomp their feet over social programs that cost a pittance in contrast. Oh, yes–and they are terrified of that same military government they have no problem paying for with huge taxes–so they fight for no gun laws in total disregard of the probabilities inherent in the human condition–paving the way for students to be killed in schools.

I don’t know whether to say our affliction is more stupidity than anything else. You tell me; are Americans not mean, or are they just ignorant of the pain they cause, the consequences they are setting in motion, and image we have in the world?

I have not found a job yet, since returning from Asia, and I am very uninterested in doing so–in certain respects–because, if I cannot get a job wherein I can address this insanity, I feel very uninspired in supporting this apparently mean and stupid nation.

And when I think of people from other nations–unless they are gangsters in Russia, or Kim Jung Un in North Korea, or fanatical Muslim clerics and other chauvinists starving their people of the chance for knowledge–I cannot imagine them being as mean and stupid as Americans seem to be.

I lived in Asia for fifteen years and encountered people from all over the world. I could tell that ninety-nine percent of those people I encountered were liberal-minded to the extent that given the choice, none of them would have voted for the kinds of laws that would make their countries like America, except perhaps in favor of increased open-mindedness and greater tolerance and equality–but we seem to be growing pale in thin those ways. I know they wouldn’t be against sustainable energy, fighting global warming, sensible gun laws, lower defense budgets, and universal health care. And only in the most primitive places to other people of the world resemble Conservative Christian Americans who discriminate against people for how they were born.

America, what in hell is wrong with you?

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