3 thoughts on “Blame is Usually Stupid”

  1. I totally agree blame is usually stupid. I always am amazed by how much people blame others before themselves, or blame themselves when no one is at fault. I wonder why we are so inclined to fine a blame for things that just seem like bad luck to me…


    1. Hello, Ms. Casey,

      I checked out your journal and like the topics you write about. On the issue of thinking non-linguistically, I actually do this sometimes, now, in place of prayer–which I think has been traditionally done by whispering to oneself. Usually I meditate, when I was younger, I used to supplicate–but the idea is offensive to me, now. And When I do want to honor someone’s need by reaching out into the oneness of all things (perhaps someone needs a prayer), I try to imagine a wholesome oneness with the intention. Anyway, those are just some ideas. I have more like that.


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