Will The Day Come?

Will The Day Will Come When “Republican” is Distanced From By All But Insane People?

I am aware of the fact that many following the Tea Party-line feel they are constitutionalists, but in my observation they are interested in the constitution in terms of freedom that excludes them from social responsibility; they are not constitutionalists in the sense Jefferson was, meaning they do not possess and admire a foundation thinking of humanitarian righteousness; they do not become inspired with a love for humanity. They are impassioned by isolationist self-interest and fierce individualism at the expense of community.

Tea Partiers and many Republicans are not altruists. Indeed, their political representatives worship Ayn Rand and fear mankind–especially those among us that express “weakness”, difference, or liberal values–even though they would not have a country such as we have today, without those liberal values. Moreover–where ‘liberal’ is concerned, conservatives have hijacked the word; ‘liberal’ means open-minded and flexible, progressive and innovative. Tea Partiers in particular and Republicans in the main, erroneously take ‘liberal’ to mean something akin to “communist”. Or, at least that is how they use the word.

Furthermore, Tea Partiers and Republicans in general suffer from a particular kind of idealism that is akin to totalitarian thinking–or it is, precisely, totalitarian thinking–meaning it is an irrational total-solution-state of mind; ie: ‘everyone can get a job that satisfies his or her needs.’ Not coincidentally, this is why the majority of them are Christians. Or rather, they are Republicans BECAUSE they are Christians.

With no disrespect to moderate and near-secular Christians, theists who follow the copied bible manuscripts literally are the ones so indoctrinated in totalitarian values (as are conservative Jews and Muslims); ie: they see issues as black and white, resulting in such erroneous ideas as those which say that LGBT people are not deserving of the same human rights as the rest of us, a state of mind akin to that in the simple-mindedness that says, ‘everyone can get a job and healthcare’.

What’s worse is, Tea Partiers and Republicans don’t care about–or are cognitively immune to–the consequences of their own across-the-board black and white thinking. And the kind of prejudicial discrimination it engenders, when levied against those different from them, is indicative of the their world-view which leads to their obvious and shameful selfishness, cold-heartedness, and rigidity. this is obvious in their denier status in the face of such challenges as the causes of poverty and global climate change and the self-evidentiary righteousness of  womens’ rights, labor issues, and more.

The rigidity and cognitive dissonance of pathologically conservative Americans is the reason they are ‘the party of guns’. They cannot see–or won’t–that ubiquitous gun ownership and lax laws on the acquisition of fire-arms is a major contributing factor to the high level of gun violence in America–because they think everyone can be responsible with a gun–or don’t care if the opposite is true… so long as THEY can have THEIR guns, the machismo attached to them, and the profits of their sales…per THEIR “constitutional rights” (at the expense of public welfare paid for by everyone).

I truly believe we are in a situation in America–with these people–that describes nothing less than a clash of civilizations; one enlightened and courageous–thus generous and progressive, and the other, frightened and ignorant–thus retrograde. I am not being the least bit flippant. And I am not alone in this observation, nor is my party small.

I guarantee the day will come in the future–if it is not already upon us now, when Republicans in general will be seen as a throw-back to primitive peoples and primitive times. Indeed, their ways remind me of what I imagine the mindset to be in the dark ages, what with their wanting to teach superstition in science class, their advocacy of legal discrimination, and their war-mongering. When that day comes, when their own ranks disavow themselves of their primitive and fearful ways, present-day Tea Partiers and Republicans will then deny their former party affiliations.

This new era will be ushered in with greater speed and certainty the more Americans grow accustomed to the rest of the civilized world and how greatly the conservatives here are different from they, out there–who have much purer egalitarian and compassionate values. Just look at how Canadians and Europeans laugh at our stewardship of our banking industry, education system, environment protection, and health laws. Everything in our country is ‘businessman first, citizen consumer last (if considered at all)’.

This new era is also being ushered in as science is daily disabusing the conservatives among us of ignorant ideas and superstitions–in the areas of genetics and “race”, evolution, cosmology, meteorology, and sexuality. These conservatives will also move away from their previous positions the more they are compared with conservative Muslims, Nazis, and other fascists–totalitarian-thinkers all. It is already happening; recently a Florida politician changed her party affiliation from Republican to Democrat, because she said she could no longer affiliate herself with the values of the party she was once a part of, any longer.


Copyright © 2015 Carl Atteniese Jr., AKA ‘Mando’, All rights reserved.

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