When The Cows Come Home

“When The Cows Come Home,” which means “never,” or ‘not for a very long time’


1. John will take out the garbage when the cows come home, so you had better do it yourself, honey; that kid doesn’t do anything.

2. Yeah, I believe North and South Korea will reunify–when the cows come home. How can we expect this with Kim Jung-Un at the helm of North Korea?

3. Bill, Joan And Joe

Bill: I got my hair cut, lost some weight, have been working out and improved my attitude; do ya think Joan will go out with me, now?

Joe: Well, she’ll go out with ya–just not now.

Bill: Don’t you think I’ve improved my appearance?

Joe: Sure, a million fold.

Bill: So when do you think she’ll go out with me? When I make more money?

Joe: No. When you stop talking like you’re going to vote for Trump, which means… when the cows come home, because I don’t think you can change

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