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I live in Tokyo and am seeking employment here. I have taught English as a Second Language (ESL) for a total of about 18 years.

I have taught corporate, academic and casual students in my own business in the New York City area; I’ve taught in Princeton, New Jersey and in South Korea – in the latter location for fifteen years. I taught all ages there.
Here, on this page, I cite non-teaching and intercultural experience, because I feel ESL teaching involves more than language instruction.

Please see my Gaijin Pot resume for a more extensive and inclusive list of some of the place I have taught om the past 19 years – or request a current download-capable copy via E-mail from .


Clients say I am:

  • fun
  • kind
  • diligent
  • creative
  • humorous
  • well-spoken
  • well-written
  • compassionate
  • a good conversationalist
  • knowledgeable
  • entertaining
  • interesting

I help you with:

  • style
  • culture
  • phonics
  • grammar
  • conversation
  • pronunciation
  • I can inspire you to learn!
  • I make custom lessons for you….

I offer:

  • voice skills (I’m a voice actor and comic)
  • listening skills ( I have near-perfect pitch)
  • drawing skills (I’m an artist)
  • I even write upside-down (this allows me to transcribe notes for you from across the table, so you can read as I teach you.
  • I teach you the culture of English-speaking locales, so;
  • You you can learn the language comfortably and naturally.

The advice and attention I give you alone will build your skills

  • We engage in good, interesting, inspiring, exciting and humorous conversations–about subjects that interest you.
  • We use lesson material I make or in books.
  • Look at the menu on of this site; see how much I enjoy ideas. There are many videos here, as well -linked from my You Tube channel – featuring my video-essays, humor and poetry.

I have worked for
Embassy Center for English Studies, NYC cropped-20130401-171109.jpg
Berlitz Language School, NYC
School of Visual Art
DSME, South Koreacropped-me-onban-private-campaign-finance.jpg
Jung Chul Language School, Gangnam, Seoul

The Korea Herald
Actor Park Joong-hoon

Human, Korea
FEI, Korea
Arirang (the Korea National Broadcasting Federation)

at s as
• an assistant to co-director professors from Asia (this is not on my resume as it did not relate to ESL); I include it here as indication of my intercultural aptitude as was applicable in educational environments in New York.

For Carrot English (an agency), of Nonhyun, Seoul as:


TBN/CJ E&M Entertainment

Hyundai Motor Corporation


cropped-carl-live.jpgIn the US, I did other things, too!

In the US, I did other things, too!In DRAFTING & DESIGN:

at Brooks Brothers, NYC as draftsperson
at Creative Designs, NYC as as a draftsperson, doing
plans, rendering and sales

at the Rainbow Room, Rockefeller Plaza, NYC as
• a page, host, customer relations agent and union delegate; there, I came into contact with
• one who saw, met and/or served:

cropped-copy-copy-image2.jpg♤His Holiness The Dalai Lama

♤His Holiness The Dalai Lama
♤President Nelson Mandela
♤President William Jefferson Clinton
♤General William S. Westmoreland, US Army, Ret.
♤Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara (JFK)
♤The Queen of Thailand


♤Gloria Steinem, Writer
♤Geraldine Ferraro, Senator
♤Glenn Close, Actor
♤Meg Ryan, Actor
♤Oliver Stone, Director
♤Harrison Ford, Actor
♤Richard Dreyfus, Actor
♤Michael Douglas, Actor
♤Martin Sheen, Actor, Activist
♤Liza Minnelli, Actor, Singer



cropped-407267_10102029791747961_1707596359_n1.jpg♤Harry Conic Jr., Musician, Singer

♤Harry Conic Jr., Musician, Singer
♤Lanie Kazan, Singer
♤Martin Short
I have a method that is very much original and amazingly helpful, called Rhythmomnumonics, which helps you remember clauses, phrases and sentences without grammar (but I teach that, too).
Let’s Learn English, together!

Thank you for reading!cropped-photo6331-e12909152646732.jpg