Provocative Memes And Anger

A meme on Facebook entitled ‘what pisses you off?’ sparked this comment from me:

If my blood sugar is balanced, I don’t get angry; I don’t get “pissed off” or “upset.” I don’t get offended. I feel the emotions that come close to the obsessive states of mind that perpetuate those behavioral conditions, but reason and meditate them away.

I feel that getting offended is a weakness and indicates a lack of love and understanding of humanity and the human codition that requires constant states of ignorance, which keep one in a reactive mode.

I much prefer to eduacte myself on the causes of outcomes, eliminate the childishness of expectations, and to prepare my mind to accept and understand everything as normal (if humans do it, it is part of the human condition) and to see the things that are disagreeable and unfortunate as elements of life to work on with others–through conversation and contemplation and suggestions for better relationships.

People depending on getting angry are people who don’t want to solve problems amicably but would rather blame and complain; they’re the people who depend on anger and disappointment for an emotional roller coaster that feeds their unhealthy and addictive emotional disappointment and reward circuit and their unhealthy self-esteem; they are the people who depend on self aggrandizement by showing off how great they are when getting angry; it’s really just primitiveness–an un-educated, non-compassionate and undeveloped consciousness they are victims of. And, it requires maintenance through cognitive dissonance, delusion, arrogance and dualism.

If something did piss me off it would be the promotion of anger, such as in memes like this.

Anger is not a solution. It’s symptomatic of frustration, indicating a lack of self control and options. Basically it is the master alarm on one’s flight panel indicating failure and helplessness.

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