Sam Harris Interviews Megan Phelps roper: Leaving The Church

This audio is superbly audible. it is easy to listen to. It is a very educated and sincere, but non-academic discussion and narrative of a woman who grew up in the community of the Westboro Baptist church, which built a name for itself in picketing funerals of soldiers, saying they were punished by god–not for their war service–but for their personal lives, which the church investigated. They also picketed in towns holding signs saying ‘God Hates fags’ and things of that nature. This is a very human story of a highly educated young woman who had to leave her family to fulfill the voice of her conscience. This is relevant to Dr. Harris as he is a leader in the atheist and scientific movements to bring to light the dangers of religion. he has written books on neuroscience, spirituality, and philosophy and is one of the most important intellectuals speaking out today on all abstract issues relating to consciousness, AI, Islam and Jihad-ism, psychology and more. His podcast is The Waking Up podcast. It can be found online at his website and at You Tube via this video. it is also available on Audible and Stitcher.

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