Trump’s “Hate-filled” Speech: Why Americans Support It

I don’t support trump, but in splitting hairs over what is said about him, I take issue with American thinking and discourse; why wouldn’t I — I care about Americans.

I think people make sweeping generalizations and become careless when they feel small and vulnerable, so I am not sure Trump means everything he says. This has been a solid impression I have had from the start. A lot of this is likely posturing and ‘fear-allayment’ for those he courts; he knows a large majority of his supporters want exclusive, tough, conservative solutions and he deduced they won’t support him if he softens up. He also knows the average American is a “tough noogies” kind of person: we say “do what ya gotta do.”

We walk past the homeless and say “I gotta take care of mine” and “get a job.” These are conservative points of view. We also do not show any shame for Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq (–I would like to add Greece, Iran, Latin America, but what Americans even know we transgressed in these places?). Look at the thousands we kill with drones, 90% of whom are non-combatants — dwarfing the casualties in the 9/11 attacks.

So, what’s my point? No one should be shocked that Trump supporters — the ones who have to die in our wars — are enured to his draconian pronouncements. This is our culture of guns, discrimination and cognitively dissonant “country music.” It’s our culture — or theirs.

A friend of mine on Facebook, a thoughful musician with a political and philosophical mind said that when people are scared, they surrender their power.

To be continued…

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