When I Post And Why

Thank you for visiting.

I sincerely hope you found this page in an exceedingly well state of mind and body.

I am lucky to have your interest in my writing and pictures.

You’ll find I post more on Facebook and Twitter, first (See the menu for Social Media links or the icons in the links column).

CΛRL 卍道 ΛTTΞNIΞSΞ is for finished work; I generally don’t publish here until the work is perfected to some degree of a representation of my sense of finality.  Da Vinci said his work was never done; I feel that way, but to me, this site is not a blog, just as my Instagram is not a social media smorgasbord; these are my journals and galleries.

People may ask, ‘why are you always on the internet?’ Well, as I have not yet been formally published by others in a book or journal, and I have not yet had a show of my pictures in a building-based gallery, these forums are my legacy.

So, if you are interested in more day-to-day expression, visit my Facebook and Twitter.

However, I am attempting to do more here, rather than there. It’s not that I like Facebook (‘Sorry, Mr. Zuckerberg, I rather don’t); it is just that Facebook is an indispensable tool for staying in touch with friends and family and for disseminating important information  around the world – in a system which has not been copied and made in a better format by someone else. (Truth be told, Facebook is not the origin of this social media phenomenon: Cyworld was – a Korean creation, and that site, design-wise, is still a better format than Facebook, though largely only used by children, unfortunately.)

All this means my body of view-able works is months, if not years behind what I have written and photographed on a regular daily basis.



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