About This Site

About This Site

This site features my art: drawing, writing, photography, and voice acting work — as well as some ESL posts.

Besides having taught English as a Second Language for about eighteen years, being a volunteer love counselor for eleven years and an activist since I was eighteen, I have worn several other hats in my life.

I have been a paper boy, a fast-food restaurant clerk, a drafts-person and a page and waiter at a world-famous restaurant in New York City’s Rockefeller Center, where I served internationally known historical figures, foreign dignitaries, statesmen & women, and celebrities you would know by name. Big deal (actually, it was…. I loved it).

This site has some token lessons in ESL, instructions on how to sign up for my “classes” and links to my poems, essays, maxims, videos, and petition to restore democracy to America. 

A Little More About Me (So you know whom you are reading)

I went to a regular college and then to an art college, but I learned very little in those places. Soon, I will continue my education, online, at SUNY Empire State College. I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t need to in order to be a viable ESL teacher, because I am an autodidact. An autodidact is one who teaches him or herself.

I actually resent the fact that I have to prove to society that I am worthy: intelligent, abstract, diligent and so on–just to get a good job. The idea is ridiculous, time-consuming and extremely costly.

Academia should be for people who only want to study, constantly. Otherwise, college and university should be for people who cannot teach themselves or learn with others–for people with some deficiency.

We should only need an academy such as was invented in Greece by Plato; if one wants to be a gardener, a farmer, an astronaut or doctor, he or she could enroll in the appropriate academy and learn as he or she goes. Forced college education as part of the rights of passage to professional occupations today are more or less a system for educators to have tenure and schools and educational agencies to make money usurping “education,” but mostly they are for lazy employers who think that having gone to college means you are an upright soldier able to do intelligent work, or, simply take orders and pretend it is intelligent. A non-lazy employer can look at a person and decide whether he or she can do a job.

Plenty of geniuses had no formal education, and most disasters in the world have been caused by products of it. Chuck Yeager would have made a fine astronaut. George Bush went to Yale and his cohorts were all ivy league, yet they plunged the world into cultural, environmental and security-disaster for at least one hundred years to come. And there are many other amoral “educated” fools and moral imbeciles wrecking the world, in politics, government, business and religion, in addition to them. Most of these people are you garden-variety citizens all around you, ruining the world with their choices. So, I do know the greatest crimes are being committed by those who follow the leader — the leader in themselves and in their religion and government. After all, the leaders of the free world live and the totalitarian one (comprised of Russia, China, North Korea, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia are vastly outnumbered by their citizen-subjects.

Thank you for visiting and for your esteemed interest.

Peace, love, joy, and enlightenment to you and yours,


(Carl Atteniese Jr.)