Thank you for coming to this page. Your arrival, here, means you are either interested in improving your English, are curious about me as a teacher, or both.

It is important to know how you think, read, interpret and answer in English. So, please fill out this questionnaire as the first part of a casual evaluation (the best kind).

Don’t be scared. Be positive, instead. Negativity is insane; worry is not the same as concern; it’s fantasy.


  1. Answer in complete sentences.
  2. Include the form of the verb in your answer… that I use in my question (use the same tense), to best demonstrate your understanding of the question.
  3. :Let me know by text message when you are starting and when you’ve finished.


  • Sample Question A: What is the fourth planet out from the sun?
  • Incorrect Answer One: Mars (Incorrect, because it is not written in a full sentence)
  • Incorrect Answer Two: Mars is.  (Incorrect, because it is not written in a full sentence)
  • Incorrect Answer Three: It has been Mars. (Incorrect; it is not in the correct tense.)
  • Note:

I don’t care whether you know what planet comes after the Earth; the point is to answer the question correctly, as best you can.  ~ ( ^.-)’ ;;

Questionnaire  (Don’t forget: Tell me, by text message, when you are starting.)


Don’t forget: Tell me, by text message, when you are finished.

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