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Separating Migrant Children
June 20, 2018

Regarding The Driveway Police Incident
May 26, 2018

We can protest and change campaign politics, the laws and the police force we all maintain with our citizenship, but until we succeed, it serves no one to think of ourselves as separate or as victims and to resist police officers doing their jobs.

The officer of the law has a right and responsibility mandated by you and meー the citizensーto carry out that law according to his trainingーwhich falls directly into the hands of the citizenry via their representatives.

Comply with the law or change it.

Don’t live in fear, entitlement or assuming a position of victim.
Be courteous, cooperative, understanding and courageous and give your fellowsーpolice men and women or garbage men and women equal due as you’d afford your family and friends.

Don’t act suspiciously and when you do, expect requisite reactions within reason, not reactions according to what you think should be or according to special treatment.

Live in the real world of human behavior and love your neighbors and do your part to make a better worldーnot one that increases discord, tension and stressーall of which are violence before they become the violence we fear most.

Trump’s “Hate-filled” Speech: Why Americans Support It
October 14, 2016

I don’t support trump, but in splitting hairs over what is said about him, I take issue with American thinking and discourse; why wouldn’t I — I care about Americans.

I think people make sweeping generalizations and become careless when they feel small and vulnerable, so I am not sure Trump means everything he says. This has been a solid impression I have had from the start. A lot of this is likely posturing and ‘fear-allayment’ for those he courts; he knows a large majority of his supporters want exclusive, tough, conservative solutions and he deduced they won’t support him if he softens up. He also knows the average American is a “tough noogies” kind of person: we say “do what ya gotta do.”

We walk past the homeless and say “I gotta take care of mine” and “get a job.” These are conservative points of view. We also do not show any shame for Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq (–I would like to add Greece, Iran, Latin America, but what Americans even know we transgressed in these places?). Look at the thousands we kill with drones, 90% of whom are non-combatants — dwarfing the casualties in the 9/11 attacks.

So, what’s my point? No one should be shocked that Trump supporters — the ones who have to die in our wars — are enured to his draconian pronouncements. This is our culture of guns, discrimination and cognitively dissonant “country music.” It’s our culture — or theirs.

A friend of mine on Facebook, a thoughful musician with a political and philosophical mind said that when people are scared, they surrender their power.

To be continued…

The Dangers of AGI
September 9, 2016

How dangerous is Artificial Intelligence? Chances are you are viewing this thanks to a device in your hand which constitutes AI in many of its functions.

Are Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking right in saying AI is the greatest potential threat to humanity? Sam Harris ( originally thought their pronouncements to be hyperbolic — but now he agrees and adds that the only scarier potential prospect regarding AI besides developing its super-intelligent, self-learning and self-replicating AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) is not developing it, because it can solve our problems. ‘However’ — Dr. Harris points out — ‘if we develop to the extent that it is a million times faster than the greatest human minds, it could go through 20,000 years of human intellectual development in a week.’

Harris goes on to say that we will have deprive AI access to the internet at first — how we have to solve the political problems we have such that this thing does not cause unemployment at 30% — how we will have to program AI to not do what HAL did in the epic and prophetic film “2001: A Space Odyssey” (though he did not put it that way), because if you give AI instructions to protect humanity, it could wind up waging war on what it sees as deleterious or harmful members of humanity…. Sam Harris also worries about the fact that — as he put it — ‘some of the people working on this are keyed up on Red Bull and apparently on the Asperger’s spectrum; they have totally “drunk the Cool Aid” on AI.’

This has to be heard.

Americans on Democracy
August 21, 2015

The greatest evidence of mass delusion, ignorance–and perhaps even simple stupidity in America (I am very sorry to say) is in the fact that the majority of the average citizens of this democratic capitalist society are not tripping over themselves, racing to demand the end of private campaign, PAC, and political party finance–which basically make us the lapdogs, human slaves, and victims of the super rich. lack of action in this area is also the clearest form of self-loathing and disrespect.

We may be a legal and financial oligarchy, but we still have the power of association and referendum, however, we act as if the vote is the most important power tool in our democratic shed; it most certainly isn’t. It’s a false machine, a toy. The most powerful tool we have is our voice–in petition, assembly, and what we fund.

We could literally petition the law to real change, but we allow it to stay as is it is–and as is, private campaign finance is the hand with foreign fingers that is perpetually in our pockets. It is the gun to our heads. It is the knives at our back–but we keep watching TV and staring at our phones and tablets like zombies, or like a mental patient on a Thorazine drip. and as we stay medicated and inactive, politicians and reporters whispering lies or approximated stories into our ears, as the super rich funnel cash into their pockets and tighten their leashes. And ours.

These who won’t act on this don’t really want things to change. And they don’t understand that this is how they could change–massing together and expressing our discontent and solutions to end it. That’s why they won’t support publicly funded elections, political parties, and PACs; they don’t want democracy–not really–not true democracy, with totally fair and equal representation across the electorate and the society….

Sometimes I wonder, if privately (and unconsciously?), each middle to upper class group of citizens, each rich group; each ethnic or religious group… secretly doesn’t in fact want the option of buying politicians–because Americans are a group of people who have become so comfortable and complacent–able to stand the pressures of their discomfort and conscience–because their fears and prejudices are more powerful than their honor and their courage. And I wonder whether secretly they are terrified of true democracy, because it would prevent their respective group (ethnic, religious, academic, class-oriented) from having undue influence at their disposal–in an emergency. They secretly fear true democracy, for they could wind up with–for example–with a string of Latino, female, or black presidents, or Jewish or Chinese ones, or, whatever. They might end up living in a country with truly sensible and socialized governance that favors the poor and middle class, rather than the rich folk they are, or want be. It would mean inclusion for people they don’t desire, or a lack of favoritism toward their own group.

To me, this kind of holding on to the cards, the power, the favorites–all boils down to a lack of courage in the face of righteousness, justice, and logic about what would work in a way that leads to responsibly across the board in American society. To me, this is what keeps people down. Any way you examine it, it pares down to fear and prejudice, which depend on ignorance and lack of character. Or, as I have been learning in research online, it may also be attributed to their brains, but that is another aspect of the issue, for another essay.*

*If you would like to look into that, watch videos on Youtube in the Bomb in The Brian series (though these are not perfect since the narrator seems to be trying to get all this information into our heads to justify libertarian-ism). Also look into Sam Harris and Free will. The general idea is that most–if not all of us who have not changed this–are victims of childhood-traumatized brains, which are hard-wired to be either conservative or liberal–basically fearful or not.

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