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Watch School Shootings, Prayer And Campaigns
May 21, 2018

“Gender =” Impossible w/o CultureChange
May 20, 2018

I think this video, re-named for its re-posting by a third party, is poorly entitled, and I told the You Tuber who put it up so. Anyway, this is very short and very interesting video of Jordan Peterson speaking on TV with parliamentarian and a show host on issues of feminism and speech.

I happen to agree with Peterson as to why one might not want to call himself a Feminist, even if one cares to support equality of opportunity and treating women with dignity. What he points out about the data on Scandinavia and the facts from scientific evidence is enlightening on that, too.

I think, however that:

I. (Premise:) Women will never be treated equally to men in some sub-cultures of our own society and in foreign cultures for reasons of:
1. Biology – Natural Male Dominance
2. Religion – Unnatural Doctrinal Male Dominance
3. Wanted Chivalry – Asked-for Unnatural Male Dominance or Deference

II. (Superficial Explanation:)
1. Tradition – for my purposes – means a combination of natural male dominance apart from numbers 2. and 3. combined with numbers 2. and 3. Natural Male Dominance is an impromptu term I just came up with to describe what I think may stem from biology; the male frame is more powerful and men take advantage of that, and male DNA may make men aggressors. If we look at the rest of the animal kingdom, males may court females, but they seem to be just as likely to rape them without consent ーand this is prevalent in human culture with some blame partially going (justly or unjustly) to natural male dominance and relugion. In addition, pair-bonding seems to incorporate roles that validate male superiority in other species and it is still a phnomenon in the human one (see reasons 2 and 3).

2. Religion: This is the easiest one to explain. Theistic religions such as Judaism and its offshoots, Christianity, and Islam place the woman below the man, hierarchically.

3. Wanted Chivalry, or Asked-for Unnatural Male Dominance or Deference: As long as some women – including Feminists – participate in and ask to be “treated like a lady” in or out of courtship, they are asking for special status, which is interpreted in two ways:
A. indicating they are superior
B. Indicating that they are inferior or in need of care

III. Deep Explanation:
As long as A and B are the continued consequences of Wanted Chivalry, two reactions will be engendered:
C. Resentment – which will be treated with inequality and sometimes with exploitation engendering feelings and the reality of male superiority
D. Pity – which will be catered to, sometimes with compassion, sometimes with exploitation but always with a sense of superiority

What do you think?


To Condemn Israel
May 16, 2018

Sanction And End Aid Until Israeli Policy Changes for 1 Year

Regardless of how one entity instigates and provokes another, it is still the other’s responsibility as to whether it reacts violently or not; this is ever more so the case in terms of responsibility when the other is more powerful and even more egregiously when an occupier. The ‘he made me shoot him’ alibi is always an admission of culpability and it is up to intellectually honest and mentally healthy people to say so.

The policeman who shoots the perpetrator, the teacher who smacks the annoying student, the parent who beats the recalcitrant child, the prison guard who abuses the troublemaker inmate, the owner who does the same to his dog; all are to blame in the end.
I, myself, in poems and speech and essay have blamed the Arabs for behaving the stupidest in the universe, for verbal, physical and military provocation – taking their side! – agree that they should remain peaceful and maintain the moral high ground, which they own bar all arguments to the contrary – and could keep if they would not attack their oppressors, but the final result is what matters. The bully is killing the annoying bullied – and must be condemned, regardless the reasons.
Israel is wrong for its genocide-like policies toward the Palestinians and anyone who sees it otherwise is engaging in identity politics, disinformation and lies at worst and is ignorant and in-compassionate in the least. In either case, they are unfair and wrong.
We don’t live in the past, a fantasy and a recollection of dead times, so the wars Arabs prosecuted against Israel are not the issue anymore. Israel won and has taken Arab land and has abused Arabs on it for far too long.
While it is true the Arabs there have attacked Israel and this is wrong and stupid, it is at least as justifiable if not more so than Israelis attacking Palestinians with sophisticated weapons who stand near a fence and throw epithets, slogans and even rocks.
If a group mounts a paramilitary attack, shoot at them, but only at them. Once you kill even one person who was only speaking, you are wrong and morally culpable. The Israelis and their American-backed (and now -directed, in some cases) war machine have killed thousands in this way and have made life in the territories a prison sentence of privation and desperation. Were you or I there, we would be tempted to be protesting – perhaps even violent – too.
Men and women in fully outfitted military hardware, carrying the latest in sophisticated weaponry and overseeing the people they are self-appointed overlords of have a greater responsibility than the average national in a far off land at odds with an enemy; the Israelis must act like the parent, the pet-owner*, the prison guard, the school teacher, the baby sitter, the doctor, the police officer; instead, they are the new Nazis and must be condemned, and I would even say sanctioned for it and cautioned they risk losing their place in the UN. To do otherwise makes us partners in their axis and is morally reprehensible.
*The reader fully understands what is meant by this choice of words and will only misinterpret this choice of words to deliberately leverage an intellectually dishonest agenda, which will not be recognized. the remaining body of this piece and the other writing done by this author is ample evidence of fairness and compassion, respect and care for all human beings. Any malicious, ethniphobic or otherwise insulting interpretation taken from this writing is the fabrication, authorship and responsibility of the reader.
Photo: REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa


Watch: Stop Most Killing
May 14, 2018

To Stop Terrorism, Suicide And Most Killing – A Long View Approach ー Via An Idea

Watch Today in Tokyo: Japan And America
April 3, 2018

20180403_150456.jpgToday’s is a great morning, because I have a quiet space I can rent at a reasonably normal human fee – as my own, I have the kitchen just right and a work and sleep and meditation space from which I can observe people out two window – on a corner – in a bedroom neighborhood of working class Japanese, the sort of location any writer or artist would feel very rich.

Now the bad news:

From a country that has done what humans in every society should want to do – that is, master the concept of civil society – I watch America with anger that can not brew to hot given my peaceful circumstances – sadness, given that we gave democracy in its present form to the world – and not much hope, because Americans cannot seem to make the cultural changes necessary.

The reason Japan and Asia and Latin American and European countries to a large extent achieve peace, good infrastructure and a communal society that is safe is these cultures have a common philosophy, not merely a body of rights that champions only freedom, which in America means diametrically opposite views and too much fantasy – combined with no sense of national communal cohesion run amok under a senseless system of politics run by money, not democracy.

You have to ask yourself, American, why and how the nations we bombed and aided are doing what we proclaimed to be bringing them – much better than we are. In fact, why is our version of democracy a disaster? And don’t tell me it isn’t; only tell me how to fix it – because with children shot in schools, movie house and shopping malls, the EPA reversing of environmental laws and Amtrak trains crashing every several months in cities where police officers shoot the people they are meant to protect – and lets not forget many in our country cannot get proper food, shelter and health care – that is a disaster by any intellectually honest reckoning.

Have a better day, America,

One of Your Sons



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