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Life “Out There” And Here
June 21, 2018

The kind of thing I love to learn about – because it is humbling and awe-inspiring, but which also begs the question Peter Gabriel asked: Why are we not more interested in the intelligent life beyond our own species that’s here on Earth? And if you think we are, you are technically right, but spiritually? The way we treat the rest of life on Earth, I would say our interest is largely exploitative, and that’s not the kind of interest I am talking about, because if it qualifies under the same heading as “interest”, life out there should be damn glad light years separate us – and we had better be glad life such as ours, out there, cannot reach us.


No AG Module? The Aldrin Cycler, of Course!
April 3, 2018

Zero G Ruining Your Astronauts? No AG Module? The Aldrin Cycler, of Course! of COURSE!
After all my yammering about the importance of an AG Module en route to Mars (and beyond), why had no one among my aerospace-aficionado-friends reminded – or informed – me that the Aldrin Cycler could all but eliminate the need for an AG Module as it cuts the transit time to the Mars System to 5 months in the shortest windows? Now, of course, all spacecraft that can be afforded to include an AG Module would – naturally – be much more humane and healthier for deep space-traveling astronauts, especially if they are to be frequent flyers over the course of their careers, but technically speaking 5 months to Mars is a lot shorter than 9. This all said, We can safely venture a guess neither NASA nor SpaceX is going to send astronauts via the Aldrin Cycler method to Mars for a first mission – if at all, because of financial concerns, but this is really the way to do it, from my perspective. And THIS ALL SAID, I still think we should not be building deep space modules without and AG Module. We don’t build cars, trains, buses, ships or airliners on the safety-cheap; why should we do it with spacecraft – where, of course, the argument for such makes one look like a sociopath.
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