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What of sorts or methods
Of recourse can we find
To stop the maddening tortures
Perpetrated by the blind

What to do when a genius
‘Mongst members of his band
Is relegated to ‘idiot’
‘Mongst the sightless
Of This Land

Beautiful shells with souls
In his image go
‘Mongst US
Rarely settling
For mindlessness on they grow

It may take two decades
For you to see me nigh
With brown through blue
And thoughtless, and
How you made me

Horses know about it
And for it, you’re too, right
Strapped so tight your blinders
It might as well be night

Progenitors teaching logic
Where we sow love instead
Breeds a shallow person
Who might as well be dead

But ‘long as they’re
‘Mongst brethren
Or foreigners
Jump high
No recourse yet
Is needed

Just another guy


Copyright © 2015 Carl Atteniese Jr., AKA ‘Mando’, All rights reserved.

Hope & Yuki


Inspired by
I never look at snow
In less than a new way

Except, of course
I’d have to say
Ando made me see
The stuff as always Beautiful

Enchanting as winter can be
Tears, as well as lovely shapes
It brings, for those with broken hearts

And those who feel stranded
By time, space, and loneliness
And the passing of loved-ones
So, Dear Friends,

Know that if you do not have a real life-and-death problem
At this moment,
You do not have a problem*,

And remember that
Everything is a matter of awareness, good-natured-ness,
Options, and positivity

All negativity is fantasy,
Born out of worry about the past,
Which is gone,
And the future, which never comes; Only the passing
Of the present moment.


Copyright © 2015 Carl Atteniese Jr., AKA ‘Mando’, All rights reserved.
*Thanks to the Venerable Zen Master, Thich Nhat Hahn


20120725-121535.jpgWe are told that to do something the same way again and again despite failure of this way to produce the desired results is one way of defining insanity. I would tend to agree–in particular cases. However, this and all premises are based on the assumptions that 1., we actually think we can determine before-hand what results in the future–all unforeseen and mitigating factors and aspects included–would actually be desirable; and 2., that just because we approach a task the same way, the same results will be arrived at, even with ‘the same’ mitigating conditions (all a matter of measurement accuracy). Both assumptions are–when dealing with multiple unforeseen results of interlocking and relatively predictable or unpredictable factors, in multiple-aspect-oriented events–false. The obvious reason is–human, climactic, geologic, and astronomical events, though all predictable–are not certain. In other words, we never know to a 100% degree of certainty–what is going to happen, even with highly predictable and relatively dependable factors of nature or even with machines.

Finally, in the course of human life and desire-based decisions, we as human beings–always reacting to our environments (inner and outer) change, and may want or react to results of actions and events–differently, in the future. Simply said, we may want different things.

This is why randomness–in taking steps, making choices, taking action–according to the true self, spontaneously–can be preferable to always doing things the same way, even when that way is “successful”.

Finally, doing things–and I’ll spell it out for ya, here–the logical, predictable, “certain” way all the time leaves little opportunity for the serendipity, chance, and spontaneity, and those things–I have found, result in the most opportunity and beauty.

© Copyright Carl Atteniese Jr., 2012, All Rights Reserved.