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May 10, 2018

Lately, I have upped my rhetoric about cigarette smoke and tobacco, saying they are worse than nuclear weapons. After all, they are both radiation sources, but we don’t use nuclear weapons!

© Carl Atteniese 2018

Why They Criticize Stephen Hawking
March 14, 2018

180314001250-stephen-hawking-smiling-1979-restricted-exlarge-169people criticize hawking because intelligence scares them, when it should comfort themーbut it doesn’t, because intelligence takes courage; when you are willfully ignorant, you cannot easily make those connectionsーand you become unintelligentーmeaning you can’t recognize intelligence (or truth, or morality or much else). And the reason this chain of events is taking place is many of these people have to justify their world view, which does not square with reason, common sense or, for that matter, the genius they become a part of – such as that of scientists and other honest people, like Hawking.


Image Copyright: CNN – Cosmologist Stephen Hawking on October 10, 1979, in Princeton, New Jersey.

Scripture, Truth And Morality
March 14, 2018

cropped-2018-01-08_01-58-522.jpgThere is morality in hearts that utter and inscribe great words. There is wisdom in their practice through virtuous behavior and ethics, but it takes that other talent of goodness, poetryーand its opposite, dishonestyーwith some inaccuracy and terror thrown in, to make the scripture of dogmatism which corrupts the mind and well-being. This is evil.

Photo Art: “Transcendence” ©Carl Atteniese 2018


Species Keychains
March 5, 2018

Causing suffering is wrong. It creates a callousnes for life, which permeates human societyーwhether one is causing discomfort for our species or another makes no difference; what we do, approve of, pay for and promote is validation and cause for its continuance and is eventually visited upon our selves and those we care forーsimply by saying we and others do not possess a soul. The soul was invented for this purpose, to escape pain and to visit it on other beings and species.


Painting: “Yin Fishy” © Carl Atteniese 2018

Statement on Shuttle And Hubble
February 6, 2018

The greatest achievement the Shuttle program managed, was the deployment, saving and maintenance of the Hubble Space Telescope. Of course, the construction, transportation and deployment and building of the ISS was a monumental achievement with benefits to humanity blossoming each day, but regardless its existence and utility, we would be in the dark about much bigger issues without the Hubble. In fact ー short of a world-culture-shocking chemical, physical or otherwise artifactual discovery via human or robotic exploration on another celestial body, the discoveries made and yet to beーabout and in space by other meansーare to be dwarfed by those of the Hubble.

© Carl Atteniese 2018

Photo of space Shuttle and Hubble on during the first Hubble servicing mission in which new lenses were installed to correct of a grinding error in the  flown Hubble lens.

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